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Uh, no. Being cute will not get you out of taking a bath.

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Librarianship is a form of heroism. It’s just not as flashy as swords and dragons.

Seanan McGuire, Chimes at Midnight (via cathylibrary)

I mean, I usually ride my dragon to work, doesn’t every librarian?

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We prefer griffons in Pickerington, but dragons are good, too.

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As an actual dragon librarian, I am confused by this statement.

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I second loisthelibrarian. Don’t we use our mighty wings to return to our hoards each morning?

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I use ancient magics and slithering in the shadows to get to and from work. It comes off as creepy, but could I be a hero too?

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Librarians’ values are as sound as Girl Scouts’: truth, free speech, and universal literacy. And, like Scouts, they possess a quality that I think makes librarians invaluable and indispensable: they want to help. They want to help us. They want to be of service. And they’re not trying to sell us anything.
Marilyn Johnson- This Book is Overdue: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All (via marissathelibrarian)
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Not feeling great about how I look today. People tell me my hips and thighs are pretty, but sometimes I just really hate them.

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i spent like three hours last night daydreaming about a jeanmarco little mermaid au and…..n ow this exists

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Reptiles [via]

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a cute snail eating a strawberry

u just take ur time there lil buddy


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Bluemoon the panther chameleon! About 8-9months old chilling out on the hot Cali day.

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These two pictures from the director of the Ferguson Public Library and the library’s instagram are also worth sharing. 

People don’t understand how bold this is.
Libraries, especially public libraries, are part of the government. Library employees are city government employees. They may not be in the same department as the cops, but they are employed by the same people and must parrot the same shared city ideals.

When political situations come up, your average library employee is not allowed to publicly state their opinion or show favoritism of opposition to city decisions at work or on public platforms. You’re not supposed to tweet your opinions or post them anywhere on social media without a disclaimer. At the library? You’re supposed to keep mum and pretend it’s business as usual.

So, while this looks like an empty library that isn’t doing much - these signs are bold. These signs are the Ferguson Public Library’s way of saying they oppose their employers and their government, they oppose the official line both state and city have taken and oppose the police.