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Look at this huge roly poly I found at a picnic!

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Fresh shed^_^ #leopardgecko #reptiles #reptilesofinstagram

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wonder woman knew what was up with whiny nerdboys and neckbeards a while ago

Wonder Woman asks good questions.

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Help spread the FACTS about the workers who are surviving on minimum wage in this country!

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Still trying to get used to my new glasses. They look good but I’m not used to seeing myself with them on.

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*handing holding pencil thingy* You should draw your snake sausage on ms paint. As much detail as you can manage. This is gonna be great. *opens popcorn*
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I went a little overboard


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Finished with the staff meeying. Now I am going to pick up delicious WTNV tickets. Yesssssssss. Also banking.

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The term white supremacy is usually associated with localized regimes, particularly with the American Old South and apartheid South Africa. But as I pointed out earlier, in a broader sense the history of the world has long been a history of white supremacy, in that Europeans basically controlled the glove and were the privileged race, the Herrenvolk. A historian of anti-Semitism, Léon Poliakov, argues that the horrors of the death camps produced an expedient amnesia about this truth in the postwar European intelligentsia, so that the centuries-old centrality of racist ideology to the mainstream of Western thought was erased and attributed instead to scapegoat figures, such as Arthur de Gobineau and Houston Chamberlain: ‘A vast chapter of western thought is thus made to disappear by sleight of hand, and this conjuring trick corresponds, on the psychological or psycho-historical level, to the collective suppression of troubling memories and embarrassing truths.’
Charles W. Mills, Blackness Visible (via southernfeminist)

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My parents just cancelled my WTNV birthday plans. :/
Still going to the live show tomorrow, but I was really looking forward to dinner with them before the show.

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hello small feathered things i am a baby elephant it is nice to meet you may we shake noses?

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Welcome to Night Vale

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Knights Errant: Pavane | Chapter One - Pages 20-22

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Reblogs appreciated as always!

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Vintage ALA posters!

“Library work puts the librarian in touch with every human interest.”
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not much discussion of bagpipes on this web site

Alright followers:
Discussion is go. Bagpipes! Tell me how you feel!

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